Product: WebEngage

WebEngage Elevator Speech

Online businesses spend a ton of effort and marketing budget to get more users to their website and mobile app but the sales numbers do not grow in tandem and it is even hard to figure out why. WebEngage helps create happy customers with personalized engagement. It helps businesses understand why users are not buying and give insights. Also, they can push the right offers to the right users at the right time. They can understand their users better and as a result, can engage them better across devices all from a single platform. That means less effort, better conversion, and more growth. We have over $10 B of additional revenue delivered to our customers.

What is the ideal customer profile (ICP)?

  1. Demographics
  2. What are they typically interested in?
  3. What are the typical problem statements that they have?
  4. How do they value time & money?

They value time over money. They will spend on tools that can help them with various business growth activities related to customer engagement, nurturing. It is important for them to make data-driven decisions that have high success rates than wasting time to put spray & pray efforts. They spend money on tools that can help them with quantitative and qualitative data.

Referral / Partnerships & Product Integrations (Combined)

Product Integrations

Channel Name Time to Go Live Tech Effort # of paying Customers of Integrated Product Synergy (High / Low) % who will integrate our product (monthly) New Users we can get (monthly)
Salesforce Very high Very high 150000 High 0.010000% 15
Gong Low Low 2000 High 0.100000% 2
Marketo Very high Very high 13000 Low 0.010000% 1
Slack Low Low 112000 High 0.001000% 1
Hubspot Low Low 113000 High 0.001000% 1
Freshdesk 2 months 2 months 50000 High 0.100000% 50 Low Low 127000 High 0.100000% 127
Asana Low Low 93000 Low 0.001000% 1
Trello Low Low 50000 Low 0.001000% 1
Zendesk Medium Medium 170000 High 0.100000% 170
Intercom Medium Medium 25000 High 0.100000% 25
Pipedrive Medium Medium 50000 High 0.100000% 50

Referral Partnerships with Implementation Partners

Roll out rev-share (messy but more attractive) or commission-based (easier) referral deals with Implementation Partners for ecosystem products mentioned above, esp. Salesforce and Marketo.