Product: Freshsales Suite

Freshsales Suite helps unite sales and marketing around the customer with an all-in-one CRM. It helps you to know customer intent to help sales convert faster with a 360° view.

Ideal Customer Profile

Factor ICP 1 ICP 2
Title Justin Levitz Growth Manager
Age range 30 to 45 20 to 35
Education level Minimum bachelor’s and Max Master’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree
On what marketing channels have you reached before? (Only the ones that worked) Content marketing & Email list Social media marketing (Facebook)
Key responsibilities for their role? Manage Growth activity for SaaS business Recruiting clients for a new business focused on identifying the main pain points. Maintaining the relationship with the client
What role do they play in the decision-making process? Ultimate purchase decision-maker He can connect us to the ultimate purchase decision-maker
How technically sophisticated are they? Well Known Well Known
Are they more driven by a desire to be innovative or to reduce risk? Making decisions based purely on logic.
Doubting the authenticity of an advertisement or sales pitch.
Valuing accuracy above most things. They are less likely to innovate & look for reducing risks. He gets energized by experiencing new things, public speaking & thinking on his feet. He focuses on the big picture and he is open to taking risks.
What specific vertical do they operate in? (e.g. Patient Management System for Health Systems) Business Development and strategic leadership for software services Software Product Sales
What is their annual revenue? (e.g. +$10mm) $ 100000 $50000
How many employees do they have? (e.g. 150 employees or more) 100 to 300 500 to 1000
Where are these companies located? (e.g. located in tier 1 cities or 2/3) Tier 1 & Tier 2 Tier 1
What are their goals for the next three months? Setup scalable process for growth and sales activities Get organized & improve productivity for sales pipeline management with improved lead nurture
How are they trying to solve the problem today? Team communication across multiple channels (Slack, teams, email) Using multiple channels like email, phone, chat, etc. Keeping records in excel sheets.
What are they typically interested in?
Which brands, what are the app on their mobile home screen, what do they like on social Interested in balanced living. Have apps like Facebook, Twitter, Calm, Product hunt. They use brands like Apple, have apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Tinder on mobile. Likes racing games, sports, horror movies.

User Goals with JTBD

Type ICP 1 ICP 2
Functional goals (organize mine/team’s tasks) Want to provide a unified experience to customers for each touchpoint like marketing, sales, support, etc.
Want to set up standard processes and bring 360 degrees understanding of user interactions to each team member for better decision making
Social goals (impress my boss/friends) Bring hassle-free multichannel management on a single platform to drive efficiencies and in turn impress the higher management

Onboarding teardown

1. Landing Page

  1. Establishing a clear value proposition
  2. Gaining the trust of visitors by mentioning brand recognition they got

1 - Copy.png

  1. Talking about what job this product can get done for you

1 - Copy (7).png

  1. Adding more details in how the job will get done along with glimpses of features the product offers

1 - Copy (6).png

  1. Showing brands that already using their product to further establish trust and set the ground for the next purchase decision
  2. Showing pricing that suites for needs of different sizes of companies. Highlighted Pro plan as popular.