Product: Freshsales Suite

Step 1 | Litmus test

You need to check three core signals to arrive at monetization readiness.

1. Retention

Freshsales suite is the product by Freshworks that have listed on NASDAQ. Freshsales suite is one of the popular successful products by Freshworks and it is already getting monetized.

2. Deeper engagement

Freshsales suite has customers like Dunzo and Pharmeasy. These products are at the growth stage and doing good. Freshsales tool is the one that is of the most value as it contributes to customer acquisition, nurturing, sales, and marketing activities to drive growth.

There are many such companies that are using Freshsales suite and have reviews posted online for their businesses and we could reach the conclusion that more than 50% of users are having a deeper engagement

3. Willingness to pay

Based on the pointers already mentioned above, the customer is willing to pay for the product. The product is already a success and customers are already paying for it.

Step 2| Substitute pricing

Substitue Flexibility to use Needs efforts? Fixed Cost Core User Personas Core Business Customer Type
Pipedrive Easy Low Low Sales professionals, SDRs Small, Medium
Zoho CRM Easy Low Low Sakes professionals, sales leaders, customer success managers, growth leaders, marketing professionals, SDRs Small, Medium
EngageBay Easy Medium Medium Sales professionals, marketing leaders, Customer relationship managers, Support teams Small, Medium
Salesforce Sales Cloud Difficult Medium High Sales professionals, Sales leaders, sales operations, marketing leaders, service professionals Large Enterprises
Manual Efforts with simple sheets Very difficult High Low People working in organization less focused on sales & growth efforts Small, Medium




Zoho CRM




Salesforce Cloud